Non-hierarchal links between objects?

OK, to make this post make any sense at all, let me give a quick background to what I’m trying to do–I’m trying to make a Python script to automate node and hotspot creation for Pipmak. Pipmak is an open-source cross-platform adventure game engine for making games like Myst 3/Myst 4 (although its animation support is not really there yet). I’ve found the panorama-automation script [URL=“”]here[/URL], and I’d like to basically build on that. The goal is to have a bunch of cameras in a scene, with some kind of links between them, and to generate panoramas for each camera and hotspot maps according to how the cameras are linked. Some hotspots will need to be added/cleaned up manually after the fact, of course, but it’s be nice to get the gruntwork out of the way with a script.

I’ve thought through most of the logistics of creating the hotspot maps and have a plan I like. The main stumbling block in my plans so far is how to create the links between cameras. I’d like to denote a direct, two-way relationship between two camera objects for my script to use, but I don’t want a parent/child relationship or any location/rotation constraints between the two objects. And I’d like a dotted line of some kind to be drawn between the two objects in the UI, and to have the option to unlink them again later if I wanted to. How can this be done? I don’t recall that kind of relationship existing in Blender natively (please tell me if it is)… is it possible to manage that with Python? Does anyone have an example of something like that? (I guess my other option to denote a relationship would be to make an Empty in between two cameras and make it the parent of both of them, but it would be more elegant to somehow “link” the two objects by themselves without an intermediary.)

Sorry if my question is too n00b-ish or not understandable :slight_smile: