Non-image textures and Indigo

I’m started to puzzle around with Indigo, and I would like to render some of my previous works with it. I’ve installed the latest version of Indigo and the lastet version of Blendigo export script. When I open my blender projects and try to render them with Indigo, problems acure. If i remove the textures however, it starts rendering.
Okay, now to the point… If you assign some of Blenders basis textures (apart from image textures) to a mesh, and then render with Indigo, the texture totally disappears. I’ve tried searching the web for a solution, but I only find some tuts on how to make these basis textures into images and then apply them as images textures. Well thats not quite what I have in mind (seems like a lot of work)…

My question:
Aren’t there a function or several, which makes Indigo understand Blenders basis textures, so that the mesh appears with the texture when rendering with Indigo, just as it would rendering with Blender internal render?
Many many thanks :slight_smile:


It has been a while since I’ve played with Indigo, but as I recall, UV mapping was the only way to get a texture to show in Indigo. As far as procedural materials are concerned textures will not work.

Best of Luck!

I see. Not exacly the answer I was hoping for :P. But thanks a lot for sharing the knowlegde