Non-manifold help

I got models that dont work with the decimate modifier and was wondering if theres a way to fix this. I know if I press shift,ctrl,alt and m(I think thats what it is) it will show what needs fixed. Is there a way to auto weld them or something. Maybe script? Thanks

in 2.49 there is a another script that cn reduce vert counts
but may change the shape too!

check it out
or you could seperate the non manifold part form your mesh and use decimate !

good luck

Ohhh good idea!! Seperate should help.Thanks.
I still do wish there was a script that could weld edges that are very close to each other.If u get what I mean. I cant easily fix them and it sucks:(

in 2.49 it is called poly reducer in edit mode

try it and see what happen

otherwise make your emsh with minimum topologie!

good luck

Ive used it before but my models didnt turn out good.Besides wanting them fixed for decimate mod I need to weld very very close edges becuase I do papercrafting and the program I use(Pepakura) shows red lines there and it doesnt add a flap(tab). Not sure if that makes sense if you dont do papercrafts though lol. Pretty much I need a solid mesh with no openings what so ever:) Its models I rip from games that I’m having trouble.
Can I set a limit for how close the edges are for removing doubles maybe? I know about merging but the edges are just too darn close to each other and is time consuming lol.

yes there is a limit you can st to remove double so should work

also there is a paper model script for unwrapping that you can use may be!
for 2.49 and 2.5 too

happy 2.5

I know the scriptbut Pepakura is better in my opinion.
How do I remove doubles with limit?

well which version are you using 2.49 or 2.5 ?

in 2.49 go to F9 and in edit mode panel mesh tool see limits
change it and then remove doubles


I’m using 2.57. Know where that would be in that version?

in 2.5 look at left of screen in tool panel

and go into edit mode then youselet remove dolbe on the left and at bottom of tol panel there is a field for the limit value


Thanks I see it there but I now have one last problem. I have no clue what to set it to. Sense all I want to do is effect very very very close verts and nothing else. I have no clue. Too high it messes with the model and too low it does nothing. Any ideas?

just try a small value and then increase it slowly
it depends on the distance between vertices!

to come back just do Ctrl-Z


Thanks got it to work great now. This is helping so much!