Non manifold objects

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I know someone who needs this mesh 3D printed but it contains non-manifold objects could someone fix this? I tried using netfabb but it messes up the whole mesh and I don’t know how to fix this

I’m not used to it, but there’s an included addon that might help you.
3D-Print Toolbox

I know it looks for non-manifold edges and try to repair them. Worth giving a shot.

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Hey, I tried to use “make manifold” and my mesh got reduced to like 4 vertices

I gave it a look, is the file from a photoscan? Do you have a less “messed-up” version?
Your best bet is to remesh it, but it seems to struggle because of the insane topo.

I tried photogrammetry but it’s a shiny object so I had to do it by hand, unfortunately I didn’t know non-manifold edges could form in sculpt mode so I didn’t check for them while making it

maybe this will work, ther is no Non Mainifold Edges