Non-manifold out fo nowhere?

Hi guys, I’m trying to sort out my little DS stylus sort of design, I uploaded a version to shapeways and it’s printable, but I wasn’t too sure on the dimensions, so I went back into Blender and simply resized it, now I’m getting non-manifold vertices out of nowhere on the edge of a mirror modifier.

I’ve tried deleting the faces and refilling them, nothing. I can’t even move the vertices because of the mirror.

The problem wasn’t there on the bigger file I uploaded :S

Could someone take a look for me and tell me what the problem is?

Also some feedback on how to get my model to scale to serve as a DS stylus for example would be helpful.

EDIT: Forgot to add the most important part! The vertices in question are down the middle of the head. Damn typo in title :frowning:

Cheers in advance


goblinminiprinttiny.blend (725 KB)

Your rotation is wrong, the scale is way off, the mirror modifier is under the subdivision surface modifier. These cause a lot of problems when assigning values and so on. For example, your mirror is set to mirror along y while it clearly needs to be along X. Mirror merge distance is way off, should be 0,1mm or lower for that size.

You see the rotation and scale on the properties panel in object mode. Also, ctrl+a -> rotation & scale to apply them (for everything perhaps). Object scale changes the representation of your model, not the actual dimensions. When you do that, mirror axis has to be changed to X and the merge distance decreased so that it merges vertices on a mirror plane and not further away.

Thank you very much dude, I’ll just scrap this .blend and go back to the original size .blend then :slight_smile:

How would I resize all this to the dimensions fit for use a DS stylus? I’ve looked for measurement tutorials and I’m still lost on how to do it.

Why scrap it? The dimensions you see in object mode don’t change when you apply rotation and scale. It’s the dimensions in edit mode that do, and those are what modifiers and tools use - the actual edge lengths, rotation.

You can use the grid to get the dimensions right. Dimensions in object mode are visible on the properties panel (N).
In edit mode, you could enable edge lenths from the properties panel, in the mesh display section and see the edge lengths for selected edges. Those won’t be correct unless your object scale is 1, so apply it and/or do scaling only in edit mode.

Cheers, so in order to actually scale this down to work I’ve gotta scale each object separately in edit mode? I’m assuming there’s no way to scale everything down altogether, since that’s how I messed this one up haha