Non Manifold Problem and Solidifying

This is only my 3rd day in Blender, but I have displayed all the normals and eliminated the offending non-manifold elements. However, when I hit apply in solidify it goes back to the way it was before. Thanks

For 3rd day that looks good better than what I managed :slight_smile:

It matters which order you apply the modifiers and what order they are in it works from top down each taking the output from the one above for what you have here is how I would aproach it.

  1. Your normals on the cockpit are the wrong way around still :slight_smile: you can see they are black tap a a few times until everything is highlighted everything then hit ctl N to recalculate normals and you will see them flip (if it recalculates the wrong way there a tick box in the operator panel in the tool bar (T to bring up tool bar) just click inside. If you end up with some one way some the other just highlight the ones you want to flip. If you turn on back face culling that will hide any back faces so it’s really obvious when you start out but it can be confusing as well.

  2. As you are using solidify get rid of the creases you have added and do it in the modifier so select everything as above, shift e to go into crease mode and type -1 that will reset all of it.

  3. I’d put the solidify before the sub surf in this case so have it mirror, solidify, sub serf then in solidify click high quality normals to get the best result you can then play around the the inner, outer and rim crease until you have something you like

If you want to apply it (don’t forget the whole point of modifiers is they are non destructive so if you can leave it do so you can tweak it in the future) then the normal procedure is to apply from the top of the stack down you can apply them out of order just fine but you need to understand the consequence so to start with just do it in order. Also remember you are faking this so you can probably just tick rim only in solidify or separate the sections and have the glass solid which you will need later if you are doing real glass and the rest just rim. If you want to separate it just highlight the glass in edit mode then p and select separate by selection it will copy the modifier stack as well.

So if you really want to apply it apply the mirror first then solidify I wouldn’t advise applying the sub surf. then got into wire frame mode use b to box select select the left half of the model and delete the verts then reapply the mirror modifier and put it at the top of the stack. Sometimes you can get away with just turning the mirror off and applying but not in this case.

have fun, great start!!

jonathan let me know if his suggestion soulved it. aint reading that xD

Good call I might have got slightly carried away with my typing :slight_smile: I think it’s coherent if not will do some pictures later after work to make up for it :slight_smile:

dumping a wall of text is fine as long as everything is relevant. otherwise you might bore whoever is supposed to read it, and they wont remember any of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, this is through a youtube tutorial so my hand is still be held so to speak! But I’ll give your suggestions a shot later today. Thanks

I’ve tried it all to no avail. Any help would be appreciated

Ok I figured it out