non-manifold question

on my model, i’m adding a chest armor.

when i did the select non-manifold thing, it is saying majority of the points are non manifold, but i do not know what… Majority of the model uses extrusion, but i dont know why it says it is non-manifold since the edges are connected to more than 1 face


thanks for your help

Non-Manifoldness means that more than one face shares an edge with another face, so you have 3 faces shareing that edge instead of 2.


Any edge that has more or less than 2 faces attached to it is non-manifold. You probably have interior faces - faces that connect across the inside of your model.


i have tried and tried to see how and if the edges are connected to 1/2 or less faces, or more faces… and they all seem fine, but i still get that weird gradient shading. Nothing shows up the render.

can anyone help me fix this?


select non-manifold selects all edges with not exactly 2 faces

so it also selects edges with only one face… like if you do select non manifold after subdividing a plane [or not] the edge will be selected

i dont think it’s a non-manifold question then… Because when i do select non-manifold the only things that are selected are the outer edges… which i guess is a good thing. But i have these weird spots of shading on my model ONLY while in editor few. When i render it, it comes out fine. Anyone else have this problem or can tell me how to fix it?

The whole GUI, all its buttons, bells and whistles, is just a necessary step to get to the Render. If it renders the way you want it you’re in the clear, no?

If you’re really worried though either upload the file or send it to me at ([email protected])