non-objective: "and her hair is bobbing"

This is a non-objective piece called: “and her hair is bobbing”.

Tools used: Blender, Gimp.

Process involved:

  • A source photograph courtesy of google image search (used as a world background in blender).
  • 4 blender renders.
  • 9 gimp layers.

C & C Welcome.



It’s hard to judge abstract works, but there are some interesting use of colors present. The part where the black and white start melting into blue look a bit low-res though.

I’m just really curious as to what inspired you to name your piece “and her hair was bobbing”?

Yea its real nice image. But why the name?

because its non-objective :stuck_out_tongue: , there is no reason for the name at all , its entirely abstract(and from what i have heard, to be non objective there shouldnt be a name at all either)

Wallpaper size please. This is very pleasing to the eyes. :slight_smile:

LOVE THE IMAGE hate the name. AWSOME for some reason, i dont know why, But its freakin awsome.

Once again great work b01c. The color choices and composition is very nice. The brightness looks really good, I love it.

My only complaint is you can tell part of one of the images was stretched.

And to avoid copyright lunacy, get your images from That’s an awesome place to get high-res stock photos for free. I use it all the time in my photoshop adventures.

Aristotle: There was no concrete place from which I can claim the name oozed from. All I can say is that the name chose me, not the other way around.

Dwarfose: Thanks. The name chose me.

frig: I know the technical definition of non-objective precludes naming the piece. But I’m not following the strict definition, just using it as the category that I feel comes closest to representing my ideas.

HOSJ: My process was for producing a final image of the size that you see. In order for me to make a larger version I would have to remake the entire image. Maybe in the future I’ll consider making my final production size bigger.

Nintendo777: I appreciate the comments.

Dittohead: Thanks man. Though, no image was stretched in the making of this work. Some of it may look stretched because of the insane amount of filtering and layering that went on in gimp. Thanks for the tip!! I’m going there now… Ok, I’m in love ;).

Cheers everyone,


cool image, looks like the iris of an eye am I right?

bit misplaced title prehaps, but hey, it’s abstract innit :stuck_out_tongue:

good work (how long did you took?)

wow… I like the colors and noise…

Very interesting. Myself when looking at it, it appears to be the very beginning of an embryonic egg, and could readily be viewed as just being fertilized.

Awesome. Just stunning use of color and composition, as usual. :smiley: