Non-overlapping scattering

I couldn’t find how to do it in Blender. Basically I’m looking to do what NeatScatter can.

Is it possible in Blender?

When using particles, you can have an indication about their size.
By using physics of particles, you can use size deflection ability to guarantee a minimal distance same way that using collisions between rigid bodies.
You can use particles textures to modify densities.
Or you can delete overlapping particles in particle edit mode.
You can use instancing object properties to scatter similar objects according to a define pattern.

But I don’t know a solution to do something so neat easily in Blender.

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Never tried this myself but your question reminded me of this video.

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Thanks for the pointers. I’ll investigate the solutions. If you have any totorials to point me to, please do. Thank you.

Checked the video. Thank you. This is an interesting solution. I worry it’ll have trouble handling tens of thousand of particles. Will have to test.

It gave me a couple ideas though. Thanks.

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