Non-photo realistic and cartoonish renders

How to get such effects with Blender’s renderer or Yafray? Is it even possible?



NPR: Render something photorealistic, then apply an oil painting effect with a 2D image editor.

Catroonish: Blender’s Toon Shader. Some 2D editing can help too.

Thanks. But if I will do animation this way, I will have to post-process each frame in GIMP, which will take forever :confused:

the photoshop trick doesnt work. this would only produce a flat effect.

in max it is a per object evaluation. as you can see the apples have a texture that shows the volume of the apple.

to get that effect i would recomend you to create the textures in photoshop
and apply those uv textures than to the geometry. to finish it you should also apply those textures to the displ. channel to get the correct edge shapes and facet shadings.

but you will not get the edge characters shown in the renderings from max.


Thnak you Cekuhnen.

Do you mean inked outline around character?