non python Chain

I was wanting to know if there was or is a non-python way to make a chain in blender?
I like using chains especially to create ragdolls in games or for my crash test simulations and I’m tired of using endorphin (no textures).

You have to use python.

I think erwin was going to make logic brick usuable in the future.

:stuck_out_tongue: Errmmm doesn’t endorphin have another meaning… Isn’t it some kinda drug that reduces your sensation to pain and affects you emotionally?

Jason Lin

endorphin is a hormone your body produces… it can probally be made in the lab…

would be cool if we could just parent things to physics objects to make a hinge constraint.

My FANTASY along those lines is a hinge set up on an armature, really simple. So we can have actually deforming rag dolls, but it would need a lot of motion constraints… hm.

By the way Endorphin is a software program that’s for VFX studios they have a learning edition, it’s kinda like ragdolls that can act like humans and have human behaviors.
Thanks guys for the help!

No need for python in making a chain. Tomorrow I will show you and give the blend file. Now I am sitting in Cyber caffe.

Take the Blend File
Understand 2 Bezier Circle and thier IPOs
Press ALT+A for Animation
Select Small Circle
Click on Dupliframe Button
Now Click Ctrl+Shift+A
Prompt for Yes
Press Ctrl+J
Your Chain is Ready. Which you can change to mesh as usual.

i think he ment a physics chain


He meant a “real time” chain simulation, using the Blender game engine (Ketsji) and the Bullet physics engine.

Hellow Bjnix04
i didn’t udnerstand what you want. I think you wanted mesh chain?
Please clarify.

I was looking for a physics chain.

Physics Chain?
What will that chain DO?
Hit Ball from Point A and goto Point B and revert Back to Point A?

no like chain

dude… you think way to technical

well look here it might help you. there is a chain hanging from the roof

Sorry for taking so long to reply (thanksgiving)
Everything works!
Thank you sooooooo much

I can’t get the search engine of this forum to work, but there was a string puppet .blend gevern away on this forum a while ago. It’s strings and body were basicly chains.