Non quads big no noess, even for low poly modeling?

So I’ve just started out on Blender, and I constantly hear that having non-quads division is a big no no… But when when looking at suzane’s model, there are definitely areas that are just triangles…

so I’m wondering, when is it okay to have triangles?(when it sub surfs right? is that even possible?) Also, if I’m doing modeling for games with very low polys, should i fore go the quad rules?

the only reason you shouldn’t have tris, is because sometimes they subsurf very wierdly, so, if you can, make them quads, do so every time. but i suppose they don’t matter if they subsurf right.

You want to avoid extremely long triangles, but ones that are coplanar with other faces and that are relatively “efficient” in area are ususally okay.