Non-stretching rigid body joint in BGE


I’m trying to create a vertical chain of object that are connected with rigid body (6 DoF) joints. However, when I increase the mass of the last object in the chain (nearest to ground) the chain seems to “stretch”. So the joints are not very rigid :slight_smile: I’ve searched everywhere for a solution to my problem but I cannot seem to get it right.

It seems that some of the rigid bodys stay attached to each other but some stray apart.

Left is the model in 3d view, right is after I hit P and start the game engine:

Any tips on how to get the rigid body joints to stay rigid?


how many physics sub steps are you using?

Five substeps. I admit that the chain acts more realistically the more substeps you use but it still “stretches” a bit.

duplicate message, can I remove this somehow?