Non-Techy Hardware Advice

Hi there,

After getting some idea of the rather complex UI of Blender and getting cought up in my own chaotic workflow, I still find making things with Blender a lot of fun.
I’m using Blender off and on now for about two years and found out that I know not hardly enough to decide if my laptop (5 years old) is still good enough or if I’m just doing something wrong.
You good people of the Blenderartists Community have been very nice in assisting before, so I want to say a BIG THANK YOU ALL! for your help in the past.
I noticed that those that those sites that can tell you a lot about hardware know very little about what you need for Blender.

I’m sure that a lot of you out there are like me and would like some assistance on everything you are forced to get to know about computer hardware, but you always were afraid to ask.

Post any question you have on Hardware for Blender you have, and hope for good answers. :slight_smile:

Might aswell start off myself:

Got advice to make a PC myself, looked around on the internet and bought these parts to make my own Desktop for Blender:

That’s more like a top of the range gaming PC.

I know…and that’s one of the reasons I started this thread.

Well, I dó want to make game assets. Also I would like to make short animated scenes.
Thing is that most advice on the internet on making a pc is given by either slick hardware fanatics or eager beaver gamers.

Nothing in your proposed build is outrageous since in general the hardware that benefits games will also benefit content creation but you could save some money dropping back a notch. For example, drop back to a non-K, quad core processor and save $100 or so… this would also let you fall back to a more mainstream motherboard and save another $100 or so etc. Wait until you can get the 1070 at closer to list price and save another $100. If cost is an issue, you should be able to put a system together for 2/3 to 1/2 the price if you scaled back the components a bit (and would lose maybe 10-15% performance overall assuming you’re not planning on going nuts overclocking things.) If cost isn’t an issue, I don’t see anything wrong with the build you’re looking at if you like it.


ok…it could be more discrete.

but I’ll post a picture of this extravaganza.:eyebrowlift:

Finally got this thing running. (RAM turned out not to be compatible so it turned out to boot-loop.)

Does anyone have some good advice for a monitor / display?
I’m not going for the 2D art, more game assets and short animated scenes for now.
Do I have to look for a 1 ms responce time?
Someone adviced 144 Hz.
Does it matter which GPU you have Nvidea or AMD in the choice of the display?


144 maybe if you are doing 3d vr type stuff. but for blender you’re not going to need 144 frames per second. i think g sync monitors are nvida only, while amd and intel can use free sync. a 1ms response is for fast paced competitive gaming among highly skilled players where getting a shot off 1/100 th of a second before the other guy is the difference between virtual life and virtual death. for blender you wont need 1ms or 144 hz, you wont even notice it. your mouse buttons and hotkeys are perfectly happy waiting the few millionths of a second your display lagged.


It seems that those kids that try to advise you on hardware in those shops are all Lucky Lukes in their spare time. :slight_smile: