Non-tilable textures. How to apply them?

I have made a texture and a model, but the import screws up and colour bands appear. The model is fine, it is meant to slant.

Texture is meant to wrap around the model. Black lines temporary, they are where thee edges will be. Meant to be the post box from Kingdom Hearts.

Which way is the import going (into or out of blender) and which script and version are you using?


Importing into to make the pic a texture. Latest version (2.3something)

You mean you’re just applying an image as a texture? Do you have this image in a folder on your harddrive?

I can’t help you, as much as I’d like to, if your cryptic phrases don’t convey any relevant info.


Do you want something like this?

I took your texture image file and UV map applied this to an extruded 7 point circle. (Roughly the shape and slant of your example model.)

Make sure your material has the “texface” button pushed before rendering.

Check out Greybeards excellent tutorial on how to do the LSCM UV mapping, doing seams, and importing your image onto the mesh.

Yes thats exactly what I’m after! Thanks. I’m trying to model Traverse Town, Object by Object, for a movie I’m hoping to do.

By the way, the tutorial won’t load, could someone help me by posting what I need to do?