Non-Traditional Render

Here’s an odd image I made for an exercise my graphic design club did. The rules were simple: start with an image then mod it any way you want. Simple enough. Not exactly the most unique piece of work you’ve ever seen, but not what you traditionally see on these forums.

I think it’s about time I broke out of the comfortable groove I’ve made myself in Blender. You know, break the rules. Experiment. Succeed or fail, I think it’ll be interesting to see what this summer yields.

Here is the source image:

Here is the final modded image (pure render with photoshop modded image texture):

eh… i dont get it… you cant hardly see anything in your modded image, i mean i’m all for the creative vibe, but really, the subject, which i’m assuming is the crosswalk light, and the street sign, are kinda washed out, kidna drowning in the sea of… grey stuff?

I like it. It has a “guy suffers trauma as a child which gives him the power to painfully sidestep between causal dimensions which almost always happens after a nice pint or two after work” kinda thing.

Great work. I feel frenetic just looking at it.



I like it - it’s different! You know how there are some things you just want to scratch? This is one of them!

OK, I know how you made it, and i’m not impressed, but it’s a new idéa and it may be possible to make something with it, try another subject.

It’s just one of those days :expressionless:

I don’t get how he made it, someone want to let me in on the secret? I agree that it would look better if you could see more of the structure of the objects in the picture in the field.

Good. You’re not supposed to be impressed with it. You’re supposed to be inspired to experiment and try different things. That is the point of the image, not the image itself.

Technically, the image was very easy to make (add plane, image texture, subdivide fractal, smooth, rotate, duplicate, render wires, done ~ 10 minutes). And yes, you can hardly see the original picture, but who ever said that it had to even resemble the original picture? That’s just assumption a few of you made.

If you look at the history of art, styles generally tend fluctuate between symbolism/abstract versus realism. I think it’s about time the world see’s something different from our industry. We need a Monet or Polluck (hate his work, love his way of thinking) to come along and really change the way we look at things. I also think this is the reason why the 3D industry is shunned by the art world. We seem flat and with no expression, like a photographic snapshot. I’m sure it will happen soon enough.

jeah we need another miró:

sorry but that is useless… i mean k its not so awfull like all those “funny” renders wich have shown up in the last time here but man… however

My crit: the problem here is not that you can’t see the original picture. Instead, it lacks composition, and it is too uniform all across, especially the left half.
Other than that, yes, we sometimes need to experimtent with new things, who knows what we will learn or achive somewhere down the line because of it.