non-trailing particles in moving particle system

I have a particle system serving as the halo of a planet. The planet is orbiting around a star. I have the halo system parented to the empty that the planet is using for rotation. The problem is the individual particles don’t move to conform to the rotation, so they stay in place for the duration of their lives, creating a trail of particles behind the planet. How can I fix this?

you can disable the physics (=None instead of Newton, etc.)
then the particles will stay and move with the object
add a force-field to the empty to catch the moving particles,
a field like a force-field in sphere-shape and settings for minimum
and maximium force ranges to keep according to the force and movement
most or all particles together
use a bigger sphere-mesh and put
it around the empty and set it to collision
for the particles, then the particles will only
fly around inside.
(there may be other options … )

Thanks! I’m glad you were up this late to answer my Q. I’m really excite to start rendering this anim and it’ll take a while.