None of the codecs I am using are compatible with Sony vegas pro.

I have tried numerous codec configurations for rendering video and none of them are compatible with Sony Vegas (or any nle that I have for that matter) Any suggestion for codec setting are appreciated. I am using blender 2.58 official.

You use no codec if you are somewhat serious into video editing.
You render as uncompressed avi or as image sequence.

Codec and compression is for the FINAL export. All compositing, postpro and cutting should be done with uncompressed footage, including CG. If it has to be compressed, use image sequences in compressed PNG or any other image format that supports alpha channels and lossless compression.

This is the final output that I am trying to render as. I would like to be able to use this animation as a background in Sony DVD Architect but it won’t except the codecs I am using. I don’t think that it takes image sequences but I will check.

What formats does it accept ?
What version of Vegas are you using
Does it just not recognise the video ?
Do you get an error message
What codecs have you tried
What were the settings used with those codecs.

I don’t know what codecs Vegas takes but I have rendered to most of the standard codecs. h.264, mpeg-2 and 4 in the avi container and out of it. I also rendered in the quiktime container with mpeg-4 and 2. I don’t know If one of my settings is just wrong or what.

Do NOT render to video containers! Just don’t do it. It only causes problems. As suggested, render to an image sequence. Cut with this sequence directly, then export a “printmaster” that references the original media files (still the same image sequence), and THIS is what your encoder eats to make the final versions that get sent to youtube, DVD authoring apps, etc.

Since this is a background image, you can just skip the “cutting” and printmaster steps. So assuming DVD Architect is doing the transcoding, just import the image sequence itself as the background. If DVD Architect won’t accept image sequences, you can trick it by opening the sequence in Quicktime Player and saving it as an image sequence in a .mov file (this trick will also get images sequence into older version of FCP)

Thank you, I will try image sequence in DVD Architect. Isn’t .mov a container though?

I can’t import image sequences into dvd architect. idk what to do. I want blender settings, settings in blender. Codec names, audio codec names, maybe even bitrates.:slight_smile:

To get stuff into Vegas from Blender maybe frame serve out of Blender into debugmode frame server plugin.

Not much point in encoding your renders to a movie codec for Vegas as it’s going to convert it back to RGB when you do import it, so best to stick to RGB.

I don’t know DVD Architect but this link suggest many image formats.

Have you tried TGA from Blender. I can understand PNG and TIFF giving you possible issues, blenders choice of compression for tiffs causes problems with some apps I use.