I love the bge.

so, I have learned ALOT from wrectified,
and the last competition.

this is all being directed into Nonjuggernaut


This looks good! Keep up the nice work! Maybe you can make a nice 2D side scroller shooter, RPG or even multiplayer game, maybe MMORPG?

I am adding a bunch of toys, that will be enabled when you find them,
I will replace body parts with new sprites when you get the power ups and are currently using that power up


going to try and do music for this one.

Nice! I like the mechanics, looks like something interesting. You should propably also put some time into the art now, because the best mechanics won’t help when the game looks like the standard grey and some debug lines. Give people something to look at as well as mechanics.
That was my main concern with wrectified too. You had all those mechanics, but no art and therefore I didn’t feel interested to check out your game.

yeah, The game is setup to use simple mario style level building tiles,

and the protagonist is many sprites,
this makes it very simple to replace the art
(just swap textures!)

currently they are 512x512 I think.

btw wrectified needs a better 3d artist, I need help
(the project scope is huge)

I am already having too much fun!

I love the game already!

I think your weapon changing mechanic works much better in a side scrolling game like this, ditto the box throwing effect.
It can be great playing around with simple demos, before everything gets bogged down with too much detail…

I think you should continue with this one.

I agree, without a 3d,mouse, wrectified does not make as much sense,

Yeah - this games starting to look really good! If you make it more visually good, I think this will get really good game.

Added Laser(instant)

added scene x position and x linear Velocity manager (keeps everything locked on a plane)

this was handled by individuals but the single list uses less logic,

Yeah - it makes game even more complicated and interesting when one of your team mebers get caught while you play with other, so you have to watch an eye and keep both together. After big jumps you may want to place a simple places where one can hide while other(s) jump. If it is going to be styled like wrectified, I’d add wrectified textures in background for now to make the feeling of game. Later you may also want to make the enemy shoot:)

Added working inventory!

it’s easy and works great!

added a equipable item, and a back slot,

when attempting to attach a equiped item, it checks if the slot is full,
if not it attaches it and sets the slot to the game object,

later I will have a button that activates the ability of each slot, :smiley:

and it’s SO easy to setup :smiley:

Wow… This doesn’t sound very easy:)

already setup head and back equipment slots,
now triggering them will be as easy as triggering my weapon system

if own['Back']['Activate']=0:

implemented GUI jet pack gauges,

keeping it super simple in this one,

Woah, epic stuff.