I’m new here… and I want to apologize in advance for the bad English that I would use on the forum. :wink:

Here are my last images made on blender. I used 2D software only to add my signature.
I hope you will like, and although I do not wish to go back on these scenes, I remain open to any criticisms that could still improve them.

These scenes are inspired by the paintings of Matt Dixon.


These are great! I really like the way you did the water on the second one. It almost looks hand-painted. Would love to have an idea of how you achieved it!


Thank you. For the water, I used an ocean modifier on a simple plane, then I applied this material. A hdri in the world did the rest.

I love this little guy! You reproduced very well Matt Dixon’s works and their mood.

Thank you

Wonderful work. Love all three of them.