nonoverlapping action strips: first plays back in 3d window [solved]


I have a rig with 3 animations strips, that don’t overlap. Each strip extrapolation is set to “nothing” so they don’t obscure the other stips.

Strip 1, “swim” always plays back in the 3d window.

Strips 2 and 3, breathe and breathe2, only play back if I tweak one of them. In the case of tweaking, I can only see the swim strip and the strip i am tweaking in the window.

If I export from blender 2.69 to ogre, I can only view the exported armature animations swim, and either breathe or breathe2, depending which one I am tweaking before I export the mesh that’s getting deformed by the armature.

I probably haven’t set up the actions hierarchy correctly.

I have a multiple rig setup, where a control rig controls some bezier curves which in turn control a skeletal rig which controls the mesh, fwiw.

Here’s a screenshot:

In the channel list, you’ll see that one of the stars is orange. Click on it to turn off the “solo” mode (i.e. only the track with the orange star will get played; all other tracks will be muted)

aha! thank you @Aligorith