Nonraytraced semi-reflective plastics

Here’s a small demo video of a plastic 44 magnum (Dirty Harry :p) I am working on to incorporate into a Dirty Harry Visual Pinball game. Some decent effects can be faked with ramps and alphas… render time around 4 seconds per frame at 720p on a E6600.

looks very nice! no raytracing at all? btw 4 s/f is still too slow for a game… well i know it will be sized down etc. but maybe it needs some more speeding up?

he rendered it using BI, not the game engine :eyebrowlift2:
0.25 frames pr. second in the final render, does in no way mean
that it will also have that framerate in the game engine.

It’s nice, but I don’t see anything that standard specular highlighting can’t do.

Here’s a .blend with an interesting metal shader for use with the game engine:

monkey.blend (188 KB)

Using ramp shaders to get a ‘brushed metal’ look. I stole the idea from a 3DS Max shader.

Thanks I’ll take a look at it. For this application though I had to recreate a semi-reflective plastic surface to match the original plastic-toy gun from the real cabinet pinball game.

Here’s a pic from the actual play field that will better show what I’m trying to do… you can see the modified 44 toy gun under the right wire return,