NonSpherical Eyelids - Test Blend Inside

The included file is a test for eyelids that you might find on cartoons. I have done this before, but was not satisfied with the results. When the eyelids were meant to be linear and diagonal, angry for example, the result was an S-shape.


Currently, I’m using B-Bones to deform the edge of the eyelid, but the problem with this is that the vertices between the top and bottom edge pass through (overlap) the top edge when the middle bone is scaled down. Any suggestion on solving the problem is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Any comment would be appreciated. I have done several tests, all with some problem being discovered when posing. If anyone has recommendation of other threads to look at, or know of another user who has experience with such rigs, I would be grateful.

New Blend file. I keyframed the poses that should work, but as you can see, there is one problem that stands out. The vertices between the top and bottom. :frowning: