Noob Alert (again) Guitar Issues

Okay - so I have a new exploration that maybe needs some help… (Beginner to Blender still, so have mercy! haha)

I have been spending quite a bit of time going over 2.8 tutorials, and I finished “First Steps” and Grant Abbit’s awesome monster/guy with flashlight tutorial and I decided to try and model a Fender Stratocaster on my own, just to see if I could get close and I think I did. I mean, it kind of looks like a Strat but I know that there are some things I could have done to make it better, a bit more accurate, etc.
So basically, I started each component out as either a cube or a cylinder, but usually a cube. Put it into x-ray and sliced/dragged vertices around. As per the image below, the “rounded” parts are a bit, umm choppy. Is there a way to smooth that out or is it really just a matter of more slices and dragging the vertices out to give the illusion of roundness? Also…I had a few moments where I kind of got lost in the “3d-ness” of it and some elements were floating above something that I thought they were attached to. Is there a trick, or does that boil down to better awareness and checking all of the views? The Whammy bar… I tried to rotate a face 90degrees then extrude it to create the bar but there was some distortion on the first part of the bar which I just kind of gave up and simply made another cylinder and put it right over the first part of the body, but I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to make a cylinder bend and extrude in the direction one wants… I have more questions, but those are the main ones for now. lol Sorry about the quality of the work! I slaved on it and it still kind of sucks! BUT, I learned tons! Thanks, and be safe!

Guitar ver 2.blend (2.4 MB)

For the neck and the body, i suggest you used Subdiv-surface along with bevel modifier.
Shade it smooth and voila ! (almost, because working with subdiv is a pain, you must have a clean topology, but for this kind of part, if you want to keep the editable you can’t easily find anotherway)

You can add more vertices and use the edge flow addon on them. That will make things more circular

Try turning on snapping. That will allow you to snap stuff to other stuff. With face snapping you can also turn on an align option that helps. It’s a little fiddly and you’ll probably going to have to change the pivot points when moving things but it’ll help.

Try using the Shear command instead of rotating. That will eliminate the distortion

Guys - first of all, thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. If I can ever help out with anything, let me know! I can’t really help with Blender (I am a noob! lol), but I know a thing or two about music…

So really great tips. Took me a sec to get the snapping figured out, but I like it a lot. your mention jogged my memory a bit so, next time I’m creating I will most definitely be using the snapping features. The Subdivision surface modifier! MONEY! Thanks so much! I think that I need to also add more vertices, but using it smoothed out the guitar body and the headstock substantially. And Shear… Awesome. I am just kind of playing around with it, and I will go in and “fix” (redo) the whammy bar.

This is the most progress I’ve made with Blender, I am really loving the 2.8+ version. Truly awesome. Okay, lots more to learn!Thanks again, guys!