Noob alert: messed up interface

i somehow messed up my Blender interface, fx i cant see my outliner and the save option anymore… when i reset Blender to its original state and import my scene again via “open”, the problems still there… are there some shortcuts or buttons that will reset AND keep my scene?

So, did you mess up the scene or the interface?

i messed up the interface… the model is still there as before

Launch a fresh Blender. When opening your file, uncheck the Load UI box:

save and close blender, File > Load factory settings > CTRL+Alt+U then click “Save User Preferences”.

This will completely reset blender, if it still looks messed up, please provide screenshots as it wont have anything to do with the interface at that point.

it still there… heres a screengrab…

This should be solved by following the steps i provided above. Buy here is what you did and how to undo it:

edit: i realized that the bar on your left was the properties panel. To bring back the side menu, click and drag the dotted diagonal thing in the corner of the window image and split the view

ok, thankyou… i now grasped what ive had done, and managed to go back to the view i wanted… thanks again fotrthe quick answer :slight_smile:

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