Noob Animation Rendering Question

I’m very new to animation, I usually only do stills. I’ve created a small animation and the problem is that I press render, and it works fine, but when I try to save the image it says I don’t have an image type selected. I look down in the image rendering selection section and I have selected and set a Quicktime Codec. Anyone have an answer, and sorry in advance for this newbie pain :slight_smile:

It automatically save in c: mp

You can adjust where to save it in the render options, save image is just for stills.

I press render,

Press “Anim”.


ust to further elaborate on this, the “render button” renders the current frame you’re on, but does not save it. the “anim” button renders the whole animation from the defined begining to the defined end(look right under the button, and there shoud be two things with frame numbes in them. assuming you havent changed them, the start fram should be 1 and the end 250) and compiles the images into your chosen codec.

As Haker stated, Save Image is only for stills. But if you actually are wanting to save a still image, instead of an animation, then you need to select a still format. So where you now have Quicktime selected (which is used for animations), you need to change it to a still format, like Jpeg. It might have been better if there were two buttons instead of one for this (one for animations, one for stills). I’ve frequently gone back and forth between saving stills with different variations to compare render or model settings, and saving animations, and it is a small nuisance to have to remember to switch the output format each time I switch between saving stills and animation. Oh well.