Noob: Anyone can help me with this texture?


I have followed the lizard tutorials and made myself my first presentable model!

Please look at the attached pictures and give me some comment on anything wrong with my model… as I didnt follow exactly the tutorial steps, so I am afraid I migth screw up somewhere i didnt know…

I tried to apply texture on the body of the lizard, but i simply cant get the normal mapping right. I will really appreciate if someone could give me some guidance on how to texture this thing… If needed I could give you the .blend and hope you can show me…


It looks great, and the mesh looks clean… I haven’t followed the tutorial myself, so i can’t say if it’s wrong or right according to the tutorial.

For texturing, you can either use vertex paint or UV-mapping, if you uv-map it, you can take a look at this tutorial:

Hope you get it right =) keep it going…

More useful tutorials you will find here:

Thanks for all your reply!

I was playing around with the texture setting, and i seems to have messed up some setting and now I dont know how to revert back!..

can anyone tell me what happen to the texture render from the shot below?.. It shows up these checkboxes no matter what texture I select to be used on the body…

EDIT: Sorry for my noobiness, I realised i have duplicated body which was still having the error txture on it, resulting in such cases…


You’ve duplicated your model and left the dupe in the same spot. Select the model and move it and you’ll see the duplicate sitting there. Delete either the original or the duplicate model and that’ll fix your problem :wink:

Edit: Just woke up and missed your edit laughs But hey, at least now it’s confirmed for anyone else reading your post!


normal map a voroni to make some scales.

Thanks for all your helpful tips!..

As for the texturing, UV Mapping is a little difficult for me at this stage, and I am trying to learn more of procedural mapping… However, I dont seems to be able to find a lot of such good tutorial materials… anyone know of one?