Noob armature question

Hi there!
If I have character with armature…and I add him to the current scene two or more times(for example:many enemies of one type on the scene attaking you), do I need to rename every bone and the armature when the enemy is spawn and if yes how to do it with python script.
And is it possible to have armature object wich is added to the scene two times…and to make one of them to play action A and the other to play action B at the same time.
Cause now I have this problem with one of my character enemies, he is trying on every frame to play the actions of the first spawn enemy, but every other properties assign to this two objects (wich are one object in fact) changes accordingly to the script.

this is in the wrong forum but ill answer you anyway…If you duplicate it should preserver the attributes…for the animating part you would have to delete the curves and animate it differently.

10x but the idea is to add many enemies while the game is runnig, so they have to be same object and aramture…I can not do 100 objects with same properties and AI, this is unreazonable. I mean do I need something like this for the armatures:

arm = armObj.getData()
arm.bones[oldName].name = newName

…to make them act independatly.

P.S. look at my demo project “KRUM”…add two or more enemies with “E” and attak them…see how one of them is trying to play actions of the other (he trembles unnaturaly…but when the enemy is only one the problem is gone.).

I am asking in this section, because in GE sections no one answers this.