Noob, but here to help...

I’m kind of a lurker in the forums…read a lot, don’t write much. It seems there are a LOT of repetative things being asked and brought up…I know the stickies are there, but it’s still a forum and people want to POST post POST!
I’m a noob to the world of 3d modeling, however I am very good at web design. The world of 3d Modeling and such is very intimidating, tutorials are great, but I haven’t been able to find a site that explains it all. So I think it may be a good idea to create one~a site built by a noob for noobs. I will need help.
So far I’m thinking it will feature definitions, followed by tutorials, where to begin page…step by step guide and introduction, which of course would all be free and I’ll take care of hosting.
SO that’s my idea, just wondering what you guys think/ideas/offers to help! :slight_smile:
~the doctor

Something like this?

Could do with some updates to the new version. Problem with a lot of the tutorials is they need updating. More frustrating is the deadlinks! Any improvement is appreciated…

destroyedrapture: You are welcome to join the community project to enhance the existing documentation:

Yep something what I was thinking about too. Not just a page for noobs but a collection of tutorials. I think the Wiki has an amazing collection of updated tutorials. It helped me pleanty to get used to blender.

Blender for dumb asses all the way! Lol wasn’t aware there was a site like that already! :slight_smile: Thanks, not gonna scrap the idea just yet, but I’m happy to know that there is a site out there!
It seems a little old, and pdfs kill my comp. Don’t know why, either. >.<
In any case, I love the Wiki site, tutorials were wonderful. However, I’m thinking of something a lot simpler. The Wiki page is well organized and easy to navigate, but for someone 100% new it was hard to figure out what I was even looking for, let alone if it was on there. I’ve only done basic modeling on Blender so far, and am getting through the video tutorials. I still don’t know what UV Mapping is-Textures are beyond me-I just thought I could compile some “hotwords” and defnitions together for people, so they know what to look for, the Wiki page is where they should look. :slight_smile:

wiki does have a good tutorial page

here’s the link

got the link wrong
here u go

every tutorial u could possibly want

well, almost