Noob_Cycles_using 2 textures for a model of a wooden post with nodes

I ran on several tutorials that covered this issue but im obviously doing something that prevents me to get the result i want.
I have two textures, wood bark and tree rings, want to use node system to cover the trunk in bark and ends of the trunk with tree rings.

I create cylinder, 2 UVs(trunk&tree end), 1 material, create 2 atribute nodes(each with desired UV map respectively), 2 texture nodes and link them into mix shader, with alpha from the first image linked into the factor of the mix=> difuse => material output (from video tutorial).

No matter what combination i try, I am unable to represent desired textures on faces where i want them to be. The problem is somehow linked to mix shader stageā€¦I am able to view one texture (second) as it is supposed to be covering the whole model, or i am able to see a 50/50 mix of the two textures.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

To the question itself - use Attribute or Input - UV nodes to the appropriate image texture nodes to designate proper mapping for textures.
You do not want to mix materials: assign each of two to the faces where it belongs to.

LukeV1, sorry for the confusion - im not sure what has happened but I did tried to post a thread two times, and then realized that it was going to bee moderated first: error on my part.
eppo - thanks for the image, i will try to re-create this setup. I am very much a beginner, so I stumble from tutorial to tutorial> my original issue was drawn from this but I seem to have missed a step or two (or more).
If i get permanently stuck ill post to the but i hope it wont come to this.