nOoB: Dopesheet: selecting contiguous animation channels? Inconsistancy?

In the Dopesheet, you can Select multiple animation channels by holding down SHIFT while clicking.

But it appears that you cannot multi-select a stack of channels, i.e. contiguous animation channels, by the traditional shift select range method. Correct? IOW, SHIFT+CLICK selects multiple individual channels, not a group of channels.

This seems inconsistent (twice!) with general Blender conventions: SHIFT+CLICK usually selects a RANGE of items, such as Objects, while CTRL+CLICK selects multiple individual items.

Am I correct here*, or missing something?

(I realize if you did this repeatedly you’d probably make a channel group, but inconsistency in general needs to be stamped out.)

(Submitted to RCS.)

Selecting contiguous elements with Shift is only a convention in the file browser and outliner. When it comes to selecting animation channels, the behavior is consistent with selecting keyframes or elements in the 3D view.

To select a segment of contiguous channels, press B and draw a box touching all the channels you want.