noob, fighter

Hi, ive just started at using blender, so dont flame me please :smiley:
Ive made this
Kind of a tie fighter thing
I dont understand the render stuff so any advice/ tutorials would be handy.
Also could u tell me what to improve on the model

OSA means anti-aliasing, the higher the number you have selected, the longer it will take to render but will look not as jagged on the edges.

MBLUR is motion blur. More than likely you won’t be needing to use it for a while.

Move the mouse over the buttons window. Hit F5, then click the little earth picture on the toolbar. HoR, HoG, and HoB is the background color when rendering.

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Good luck blending.

thx m8

welcome to elysiun!

like rob said turn on osa and add a lamp in front of the object by pressing space -> add -> lamp then go to materials buttons then light icon and change the settings to the desired! nice start! :wink:

ok, il do that, cheers m8