Noob first render scene

After 7 working days of trying to learn how to use Blender and coming from a CAD background in architecture I finally have a simple scene ready to be viewed.

The rolling racks were modeled, materials added and textured in Microstation V8i. The floor was done in Blender. The columns were added in Blender as well. I know the columns look horrible, they were there only to be a test run of some future equipment that will be added. I needed the floor to look right more than the columns to be right.

The floor is a highly polished gray concrete floor. The rolling racks are metal painted glossy white. There are also some vertical pieces of thin plexiglass on the front and sides of the wire racks. The lights are dual flourescent strips 8 feet long ganged together and suspended 14 feet above the floor. No walls or ceiling have been added to this scene. The lights are extremely bright so some washout is to be expected. I’ve already compared the render to photos and the glare is representative of reality.

The feedback I’m looking for is improvements to the floor and the rolling racks. The finished project is going to be a highly realistic environment in the BGE for our client to be able to see their building before ground is broken. Any improvements to the floor and the wire rods will be extremely valuable. The rest of the building is fairly simplistic and does not need any critique at this time.

Thanks in advance and by all means, be as harsh and brutally honest as possible.

Thanks in advance.


looks great! especially for your first week of blender
the modeling is very nice

the only thing that bothers me here is the floor texture. Using procedural textures is a bad way to go if you’re aiming for realism. It’s much more difficult and time consuming to make a decent looking texture with procedurals than with an image texture.

take a look at this site: - there should be plenty of textures you could use for the floor

also, even though the GE doesn’t have this, you might wanna try using glossy reflections for your renders

anyway, hope that helps!
good luck with this

I haven’t played around with the image texture stuff much. The problem I"ll have with that is the floor is a highly polished gray with lots of slight i.e. 1/16" variations that catch the above and give the floor a look similar to water. Unless I go and get a picture of such a floor (and I can do that) there likely won’t be any 3rd party image that will come close. I’ll give it a shot anyway since it’s such an important part of this project.