NOOB has a few questions

Hey folks it’s my first post here and I’m a bit new to blender but i’ve been studying it for a few weeks now. Should I layout UV’s and then sculpt or should I sculpt first and then layout UV’s?

Tough crowd…

  • If you’re going to sculpt with Dynamic Topology
    Do not create an UV for the model when you’re going to sculpt on with Dyntopon because Dyntopo does not preserve (yet ?) custom data like UV or weights etc …

The workflow is then to first sculpt your model with Dyntopo, then retopo it into a lower poly version.
This lower poly version will then be unwrapped, so you can bake the normal map /ambient occlusion from your sculpt.
And so will be the one you’ll texturise.

  • If you’re going to sculpt with Multiresolution
    There it is different : you unwrap your base model then you can sculpt with multires (as multires preserve UV/weights/etc)
    Once you’re finished with the sculpting, you just bake the normal/ao from the higher multires to your lower poly base model, on which you’ll make your texture too.

  • If you’re going to sculpt on a very high poly model without Dyntopo or Multires
    There, high poly model are not really good to work with when it comes to unwrapping, so in the end you’ll have to create a lower poly version by retopo, in a very similar way as how you would have done with a finished Dyntopo sculpt.

Some tutorials for retopo in Blender :

First off, thank you for responding Sanctuary.
I’ve only messed with blender 2.65 as is so I’m guessing my workflow is sculpting with Multires. Using one of the CGcookie model sheets and the turtle tutorials as a reference. I was getting confused when I’d see the UV’s uneffected by the Multires modifier.

Alright, I’m in the clear as far as my current workflow is concerned. As soon as I learn how to retopology I’ll mess with dyntopo. My goal with this model is to just learn all the basics in modeling, animation, and rigging. I’d imagine messing with retopology while rigging would be very useful.

This character started as a box model, it’s how I learned in my previous program. but this skin modifier totally changes the game from the looks of things!

and thanks again for the advice

I see Sanctuary answered your question. Ignore this post…