Noob help on Images

how do you add two images to the same object without one taking over the whole object?I’ve tryied alot of stuff but cna’t figure it out.

And this is for animation?

In the MapTo tab in F5, you set the Col slider. If you’re using Mix on both textures then the lower down the stack the texture is the less its Col value will have to be. Same thing if you’re using something other than Mix but then you don’t always get the original colors of the texture(s).


sounds like maybe a job for the stencil function. add an image texture, then, in the next channel, add a new texture that represents the stencil. in the materials buttons, set it to ‘stencil’ with the stencil button. it can be any texture, allthough i think grayscale works best… then, in the next channel, put your other image texture. now, where the stencil texture is more black, you’ll see one image texture, and where it’s more white, you’ll se the other.

also, you might want to look into material indices for putting more than one material on a single object.