*noob* Im Having problems baking normals BEEBOP - TMNT

for some reason when I bake my normals it looks as if its only a small portion of the map?
Im trying to prep this model for vertex or texture painting, and Im trying to reduce the poly count but keep my sculpts details.

I was using a multi res modifier and had created a duplicate of the object with the modifier, after which lowering the subdivision to get a lower poly count on one and leaving the other with the original sculpt in a attempt to bake the details. I also applied the multi res to the high res model to be safe.

  • I created a 4k image texture and opened a node editor, set the bake type to “normal” set the ray distance to 0.01 so that it wouldn’t have troubles shooting rays into armpits and creases added a normal map to the shader and linked it up to my BSDF. The end result looked nothing like the sculpt?
    I was using Cycles/CPU Just to clearify!

Please Help! :smiley:

And what’s your UV map look like?

DoH! I think I forgot to unwrap. :laughing: