Noob in Distress: Auto Weight Fails

I apologize in advance, I know this may seem rather simplistic to many of you, or you have heard this dozens of times before, however I still need help with my project. It’s rather simple really, I have a object and a skeleton I want to attach to it and auto weight. However every time I try to do this it fails. I have followed every guide google can provided on how to solve this issue, remove duplicates etc…, and I have had no success. Anyone willing to help this desperate scrub?
Just to be clear, I have never used Blender in my life up until today, so please go easy on me.
Project in question:
Space Marine Demo I Tst I.blend (5.86 MB)

open the Outliner view in a window
select the figure
then select the armature
the outline around the figure will change from orange to red
press Ctrl + P
a short menu will come up
select to parent with automatic weights