Noob in way over his head

So I finally finished my first “detailed” model and wanted to texture it. Problem is I am a total noob and only have a vague idea of what I am doing.

I tried unwrapping the model just to see what would happen, the entire wrap was orange (stretch shown) so obviously not going to work.
I tired smart UV project which worked surprisingly well, besides the fact that I have no clue what half the parts are.

So I turn to you who probably knows what the heck they are doing for advice. Should I making seams along every separate elevation change, or is there a better solution?

I have almost zero skill with effects in image editors, I have heard the term “baked” textures thrown around. I am not entirely sure what they are but from what I have seen of them that might be the way to go, though I honestly have no clue.

Also much appreciated if you could link me to a good tutorial on the best method of texturing, my skill with texturing extends to making seams and unwraping.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



If Smart Project work for You use it.

Paint each part in different color in 3 d viewport…Then You can see where the part are in Uv/image Editor.

I’m a noob too…)…But that way You can see what is what.

Or have Uv/Image Editor open when You paint…That way You can see where You paint on Uv map…Remember You can also paint in Uv/Image Editor…Then You can see where You are in 3 d viewport.

I think You only need to bake if it is for a game.


It’s bad habit to crop Image because a lot of useful info is missing.



What I do is only use the first Unwrap option, and manually select my faces for texturing, rather than hope that Blender will figure it all out for a complexly shaped object. You don’t need to mark any seams, and you can get a mapping that will more accurately reflect the actual shape of the faces they belong to.

look up some videos on how to UV map properly. smart projection is only good if ur planning to use a texture software witch paints directly on to the model. useless if ur using anything like photoshop to do the job.

Just saw this video…

Top 14 Ways to Mix Textures and Shaders (in Blender)

From Gleb