Noob: It was all going so well until......

…I added a sphere.

Trying out Blenders various features I made this ‘eggcup’ type thing from a cube using extrude/scale etc.

Then added a subsurf modifier to smooth it. Thought it would be good practice to try and place an ‘egg’ in each cup by creating single sphere use some axis restraint scaling and using spin dup to create the copies. This worked fine and gave me four eggs in my eggcup and also some encouragement. So I tried to give the ‘eggs’ a different material to the ‘eggcup’ and it all went downhill rapidly, whatever I applied to the egg-sphere also got applied to the eggcup, so…

I undid the spindup…to leave me the initial egg-sphere and eggcup to find the eggcup and egg are one item - I cannot select just the egg-sphere and delete it - how has this happened?

Confused at this I created two seperate large spheres to play around with, but when I select one of them the other also becomes selected and they move around as a single item - what has caused this?

I tried the same as above but this time using cones, these can be selected and moved individually, but I note on the status line one cone is called ‘cone’ and the other is called ‘mesh’ - what has caused this?

as I said at the start it seemed to be going so well…

any suggestions what I have done wrong?



If you Add a primitive while in Edit mode it will be added to that Object. If you Add in Object mode it adds a new Object. You can seperate the mistakes by selecting one vert from the egg and hit L, then P to seperate it into a new Object.


Hate that. :slight_smile: Still do it more than I should. If you add a new thingy while editing a thingy, Blender assumes it’s helping you by attaching them (which is normally the case)

Anyway to correct it, highlight your object, go into edit mode, press A to deselect all the verts, select one vert on the sphere and press Ctrl-L (select all linked verts) and then press P (separate). Then Tab out of edit mode, and you’ll have them as two separated objects.

re: the naming, its the datablock name and the object name. Like if you added the first text to a scene, it would be called “Text” for it’s datablock, and “Font” for it’s object. Just words, for references. Make them whatever you like.

Jynx! types too fast, he does.

Thanks guys for such prompt replies

  • yes that has cured it and I learned something new :slight_smile: and am back on the path.

Many thanks


But you can also apply different materials to vertices/faces within the same object. (But I’ll let you read up in the Wiki for that).

There is a PDF book which is very good for learning Blender (this was not quite the original question, but it would probably be useful to you). The link to its page is here:

I found it very useful (and learned to add my new meshes in object mode because of it;)).