[NOOB] Learning armatures for newbies


I’m completely new to Blender, i’m old (41), so, i learnt modeling with 3dsMax.

I’m not ready to understand video tutorials because everything is based on keyboard shortcuts. I need to learn using the menus first.

Or, telling with more precision, i COULD learn directly with shortcuts, but i don’t like skip learning steps.

I’m looking for a tutorial based on menus.

Hi, yes blender is shortcut based but in newer version (i only tested 3.0) you can hit F3 and search for the operator. It will then tell you in which menu you can find it.

If you cant find it then you are probably in the wrong mode but that depends on the operation.
I dont have specific tutorials but with this you should be able to follow every tutorial when they mention the operator.

Sorry, i’m stil on Blender 2.8. At now i only earn 900E / month so i don’t want to buy Windows 10. I think I should jump to Linux.

Hello i ve made a video about basic bones squeleton creation here:

i use 2.7x shortcuts in it. but it will learn you some really basic concepts
hope it will help

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You don’t need to be running Win10 to go past 2.8. See https://www.blender.org/download/requirements/ : minimum Win version is 8.1.

Even so, if you are running an earlier version of windows, you can still upgrade to Win10 for free (to my knowledge): see https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/ (i just did a quick google, on the basis of stuff overheard.)

In the case of Blender, I think it’s appropriate to think of the keyboard shortcuts as the way to learn. Learning menu positions first is not learning things in order. After years and years, there are plenty of operations where I don’t know where the menu item is exactly, because I learned on the shortcuts and the shortcuts are better in every way (at least for me.) That’s exactly why tutorials are presented with kb shortcuts in lieu of menu item positions: because learning and using kb shortcuts is the “right” way to use Blender, and the menus are mostly superfluous. When you use kb shortcuts, you don’t need to know the menus.

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But, i insist, i’d like to learn the menus.

I know lots of people believe it’s a waste of time, but i’m different. I suffer from an ADD because of an accident, my brain miss RAM, and i need memory helpers.

I highly recommend investing time in either machin3tools or heavypoly, while not related to rigging, these have their own pie menu’s, reducing the amount of shortcuts one would have to learn. From there on you can find out what suits you best. I use a combination of both, i rely on shortcuts for certain things but the vast majority is accessed with pie menu’s.

as for rigging, the humane rigging series is good( and free!) and iirc, made with vanilla blender.