Noob lighting help in Blender 2.58

Hey guys, sort of new to Blender, been using it about 3 months and I have to say my education is sorely lacking in lighting. Anyway, I modeled a watch and I want to render the model before I start giving it materials and textures. I’ve seen a lot of these “pre-renders” (here’s an example). I would like to know how they get those really even lighting setups that look amazing. Lighting has always been something that I’ve sort of played around with in my early models but now that i’m getting into more complex things, it really makes or breaks the scene. I had heard something about environmental lighting but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Blender just acts as if there is no light and renders my model black. Any helps and tips would be appreciated.

It looks like they are using AO ( ambient occlusion ). You can locate it in the world buttons. It doesn’t even need any lamps to work.

Are there any other options I need to set because I turned on ambient Occlusion and it just made the scene turn what ever colour was set in the ambient colour option.

Play around with AO, Environment Lighting, Indirect Lighting, and Gather settings.