Noob lighting question..why is my lamp doing this?

no mater where i put it it seems to just throw a line of light in that specific direction.

i wanted to make a little lamp shade and have a warm glowing light hit the wood all around the lamp, but not a line of light like that. how do i make it a nice “night light” style light

i thought regular lamps glowed all around?

Does it render that way or is it only in the 3D view? Note: the 3D view is using only OpenGL lamps, which do not act like the actual rendered lamps act.

it renders like this

it is a bit different but it still streams that direction no matter what settings I change. why that direction? it confuses me, lol

the direction seems to change depending on where my camera is…which is still not good

That is the specular refection of the lamp. It would always be directional toward your camera. Same thing happens in real life if a lamp is siting on a shinny surface, the reflection of the light will “Follow” your eyes… You can turn the Spec down on the Wood material (on the Shaders tab), which will reduce the specular reflection. You can learn more about control spec here:

that helped a lot