Noob livingroom

Hi there im new to blender and as i guess you all felt the couple of the first time .
I feel like im getting somewhere. Not as most of people here but for the time beeng that somewhere is good for me.

So that’s from my head 8 hours of blender .

That’s a very promising scene imho. The composition is great and quite simple. Will it be a balcony outside ?! A pool would be nice!

8 hours and out comes this? Dude, this is nice! I like the subtle reflection on the floor.

Ok, you have a bad PC at home thats too much time for a rendering, as you working with arch I suggest you to follow some tutorials like,


Don’t know if i’ll be finishing it … something wrong with the lightning here.

And i don’t have the knowlege to go back to default

And for the record i’m very pleased with this. Cause this is my first “serious” blend.( Started viewing tutorials two months ago)

Thanx again .