Noob Logic Brick Question

Hi everybody, just wondering if anyone could help me out with a troubleshoot. I am watching some videos on youtube on making an fps, etc. And I got and copied the script they were using, but at this point in the tutorial, I am supposed to add a sensor, controller and actuator, and that’s all fine but I am supposed to set the “AND” box in controllers to Python, and I need to write the script name next to the “script” box and everytime I write it and click somewhere else or hit enter then the text just disappears.

I dont know if this is related but on my blender start up it also says:
No-Installed Python found, which may or may not have something to do with it.

U may have to re-install blender and make sure python installs, otherwise make sure you’ve saved the script and use the exact same name when you put it in the script section