Noob loking for help

Hey there,

So I’m totally new to this and I’m looking for some very general help. I didn’t know where else to post so I figured this is the most appropriate place I can think of.

I’ve downloaded Blender and started dabbling with it; I’m still getting acquainted with the user interface :o. Without getting into my life story, I’m considering changing careers to get into 3D modeling/animation for video games.

But I’ve got no clue where to start, I’ve got a thousand questions and I don’t know where to post them… questions like:

  1. How long does it take to get the skills to make something like this?:
  2. Once you’ve got those skills, how many hours did this take to create?
  3. What kind of academic training is required?

Anyways, I think you get the drift ;). Can anyone suggest a forum that is suited to these questions? Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated.

N.B.: I’m in Montreal, at least I won’t have to move :).


I’ll do my best to answer your questions, while I’m waiting on my answer :).

  1. Since organic modeling (ppl, trees, plants, animals etc) are the hardest things to model - a long time - lol. Really it depends on your skills as an artist, and how much time you’re willing to put into developing them.

  2. The artist doesn’t say, but taking #1 into acct, again - it depends on your skills and how well you’ve developed them. I’ve been using blender now for about 9 months, still learning, and I wouldn’t attempt to copy that yet. If I did, based on my other models, it probably take me a couple days to get the basic shape and so on down. Then I’d have to learn z-brush as well because the artist also used that for the finishing touches and coloration. Realistic models - like that one - take a lot longer than general game models.

  3. Having a little more experience here - you need to go to school, any accredited school - if you want to get a real job in the game industry. You also need to learn “that other program” (3ds max) if you expect to get hired, and specialize in an area. I.E. - modeling, animation, materials/textures, sound etc. If all you want to do is contribute - making mods, or working with games created with blender, then blender is fine. If you expect to work for Bethesda or something - then start here, but expect to work for another company for real experience, as well as (gasp) learning “that other” 3d program. Having worked with both - I can tell you max is NOT an easy program to pick up and use - blender is easier ( for me at least). My advice there, is pick an area you want to specialize in, and concentrate on that. People devote their entire career on one area, you should do the same.

Hope that helped a little - I’m sure other ppl with vastly more experience than I can point you in a better direction.

As far as forums go try a google search, there are tons of them and the best advice is to pick one that starts with easy games, and as your skills grow look for more advanced pages. Again - things are specialized and there really isn’t any one “do it all know it all here” site worth the webspace.

Thanks Akiviri

I really appreciate all the info especially that bit about “that other program” ;), I had heard about it but I haven’t taken a look at it yet.

I suspected as much about 1 & 2.

Regarding 3, yeah my goal would ultimately to work for a company like, Ubi, EA, etc. Probably doing 3d modeling, although since at the beginning of my journey that could very well change.

And if I read you right, you’re saying I should expect to work for a smaller company first before being able to get into one the big ones? That makes sens business wise, I just don’t see where you apply to work on video games if not at a video game company :eek:?

Yes work for a company just starting out before taking on a large company. Check out some free-lancer websites, there are plenty of game companies starting out. Get some experience there first, then move on to something larger - an established company that’s also small - then look for EA or Bethesda.

A lot of the companies you’ll find on the free-lancer sites will contract you for several models. rather than an entire game - which is also how the larger companies work - dividing work up among the artists according to skill level, and time crunch. Make a reasonable bid, and be honest about your time schedule.

Also - something to think about - start out making clutter, gauge your time and results, then make some more complicated things like weapons, armor (you’ll need a character for that, but those can be found or bought) get used to what you’re doing - follow tuts, then get creative.

Start out learning game content while you’re learning, wherever possible, and your skills will grow along with your knowledge of the program.

Best advice i can give you.