[Noob] Looking for feedback, iPhone game animation

Hi, little nervous about my first post but looking for feedback on my first animation effort for an iPhone game trailer… and man do I need some help! In the three months I’ve been working with Blender I have a new found respect for quality 3D artist & animators. I can see why all of you love this works so much, it’s really satisfying when you get it right.

We’re creating a new 3D game for the iPhone and we need simple animation to set up the story line of the game. Namely, animals in a zoo (circus?) want to escape and you, being a very crafty and helpful monkey, are going to help get them out… with a cannon!


With that premise, and a few medium poly meshes of animals and cannon, here’s what I have so far:

Any advice on what I should work on to make this more appealing?

There’s so much wrong, I frankly can’t figure out where to start!


Hi, You need to build a world. At the moment you have a couple of characters. Layout the zoo world and build some cages or closed environments for them.

Try to figure out ho the monkey carries/holds/pushes the canon.

Then from that build an intro to your world. The concept is nice and simple. The characters have the same feel to them. So keep with that but build the world more.

That, in my humble opinion would be step one. Then post up here again and get more feed back.

Hope this helps

Well that took a long time, but I took your advice and built out a world. I felt it would work better as a circus and not a zoo, and so we created a simple vert painted “big top” circus:


Lots of problems with this still, but the issue I’m having is that the UV mapped character textures are different in the preview than in the render output?

Also, the character rigs are working right?

Man this is hard stuff, don’t know how you pros have the patience for this stuff!