Noob looking for good tutorials

Okay, so im looking to do character modeling right? and im pretty new to blender, like i’ve made a few pretty bad knifes and swords and other inanimate objects and i think i’ve got the basics. I think i’m ready to start watching some tutorials but i really don’t know were to start.

Anybody know about any good tutorials for a beginner on character modeling, or alternatively other resources. Really im just looking for whatever all of you started at be it written tutorials or videos, were is the best place to start

Start at blendercookie, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription, but it’s not too much for such a quality education IMO.

I have this book by Oliver Villar and it’s really good…
Learning Blender: A Hands-On Guide to Creating 3D Animated Characters

Darren Lile has a couple of really good series - and they are free:)

Yes, Darrin Lile is a very good start.