nOoB: Material channels in Dopesheet?

I can easily find the Transform Channels in the Dopesheet, but I’ve animated a Material and now I want to adjust its keyframes. But I can’t seem to figure out what incantation makes Material channels appear in the Dopesheet.

If it makes a difference, it’s a Shader Mixer node.

The Dope Sheet ought to show these without a problem. Check the filter settings in the header of the dopesheet and make sure materials and node trees are enabled. Also, the material must be assigned to an object which exists in the scene.

It’s a puzzler (pour moi): after all, I did create the keyframes at one point.

Here’s a screenie of my dopesheet:

You have the show_only_selected option on in the dope sheet. This means you will have to select the material node to see its keyframes.

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Ahh. So, selecting the Mesh’s with that Material applied is insufficient.

??? Would I have to have a node editor open to do that??


Either that, or disable the show_only_selected option so you’re seeing everything. It’s kind of a pain, I know.

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Actually, it seems a reasonable mechanic-- even with just a few items the dopesheet is already heavily populated.

Perhaps ‘promoting’ Materials from the filter dropdown menu ( so slowwwwww) to a (much faster) button, ala ‘Selected’, would be worthwhile, IF users are putting enough keyframes into their Materials.

Menus - the snails’ UI.

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