noob modeling tutorial

does anybody have a really good one? - everywhere i look, they always seem to be missing something


Have you tried the Gingerbread Man tutorial from the blender docs. Its the classic new to Blender tutorial.

Otherwise there is this one by modron, or this one by fligh%.

I’ve been using blender 2 days, and I think I went the perfect route in learning the software, and it was virtually effortless.

  • Read the “Noob to Pro” tutorial which can be found on the blender site. Read that and do exactly what it says, you’ll learn a LOT of the basics in about a half hour. Here’s a link

  • When you’re done with the tutorial, try creating the models you created in the tutorial without any reference. Do them on your own, try to remember all the hotkeys without looking at the manual. You’ll quickly realize how much you just learned and how easy it is to do by yourself.

  • Go to and watch the tutorial videos if you have a high speed connection. Those videos have been invaluable to my learning process. They’ve taught me so much just by watching other people model. Make sure to check out the bathtub one. Many thanks to GreyBeard and everyone else who contributed to that video archive… it’s tremendously helpful.

At that point, you should have enough knowledge about the basics to start modeling simple objects. From there, contine to read and watch other tutorials focusing on specific aspects of 3D modeling. You’ll be an expert in no time. I’m learning at a pace I never thought possible, and I’m thrilled about it. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

The wiki one is pretty good, at they got hundreds for all levels and all kinds of different categories. My apologies if someone has already told you this, but it’s teh best one I’ve found.