Noob modelling an irn bru can help!

Hello everyone!

Im going to try and do my first solo blend. Im very beginner but have done a few tutorials and a little more familiar about the interface. Im thinking of doing a drinks can (irn-bru). Im goin to try and extract what i learned from a “beer bottle” tutorial. Although i didnt get that tutorial to work well i thought i would try the same method: It used the SPIN method of a front view trace.

. Does anyone think that this method would be best to acheive my goal?
. Anything you can add to help me on my way?

Ill keep this post updated with my progress Im sure ill be back for help:yes:

Thanks !

I think that, if you could list the steps you took with the beer bottle tutorials,
and the problems you had with it, we could be of more service. :slight_smile:

I think spin would be the easiest.
As long as you make sure to remove doubles, and I don’t remember if spinning messes up your normals but if you see any black stripes when you press set smooth, thats a normal problem. (Select all then CTRL+N to fix)
Those are the only problems I see you running into, but if you wanna texture it…well one thing at a time, lets see how the modeling goes first.

Cheers for that tip. Well i never got to go back to the spin function. I came across another bottle tut that used cylinder instead. I have managed to get the can shape. Im strugglin a bit at the mo with the bottom of the can. not sure if my eyes deceive me but it seems to be round at the bottom. ill try and post some pix to show.

Heres a pic of the wire frame. ~As you can see, though you may need to zoom your browser, i havent got the bottom to trace that curve that the label and the bottom of the can seems to follow. I dont know if i should follow those curves or if its the picture that shows the cans own 3d shape 9if that makes sense! Anyway still plodding on with it :slight_smile:

Oh! Dont want to jump ahead but was hoping to put the label from irn bru in for the render. Will i be able to do that?




It seems all can pictures show that curve. I tried another source and again used cylinder.This time i ignired the curves on source. Wireframe and quick render view as seen. Not brilliant but i think i did not to bad. Ill leave the ringpull at the top for the mo. What do you think? Anyone?

Not to jump to far ahead but i hope to render the can with irn bru logo on it. Will i be able to do that as a beginner? or will it be a bit complicated?

Cheers Everyone!

Feel free to comment or leave any tips :slight_smile: